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Automated Testing

Automated Testing Test Driven Development and Test Automation are key disciplines to achieving and maintaining high quality and development speed. Test Driven Development TDD

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Innovation Games

Innovation Games

Innovation Games Serious Games for Market Research and Team Collaboration Innovation Games® delivers better data than traditional surveys or focus groups. Whether you’re playing

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What is Technical Debt

Technical Debt

Technical Debt Technical Debt Assessment and Valuation Do You know the true value of your software?ARE YOU SURE? Technical debt is a real cost.

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What We Do

Full-service Technology Solutions

World-class, deep consulting into the most important aspects of your Strategy, Deliver, and Technology.

Custom Agile Process

A process that works for your organization. We build from principles and collaborate with your staff to create the Agile@YourCompany that changes engagement and the bottom line. If you want a “by the book” process then by all means pursue that… we are here to create something unique to you.

Tech Due Diligence and Investigations

Build/Buy/Acquire and M&A choices need clarity into the technology at stake, and often the people and processes that created it. We are experts at getting that clarity and helping draw the connections to business opportunity and strategy.

Technology Roadmaps

Balance the agile approach of “build what you really need now” with “have a vision of what you are building towards. We help you create a true technology vision and plan, and blend that with iterative/incremental delivery and progress.


Visualization Tool

Visualizing Work

Whether you’re managing small projects or large ones with a team of one or team of 100, visualization techniques are very helpful. Take a look at these tools and try some in your projects. Read More

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