Agile Architecture

Architecture in Agile is tough to balance. Agile methods imply that you should have an evolving Architecture… but none of them tell you how to do it.

This 1-day workshop of Case Studies presents real experiences and lessons learned. Each engagement can be customized to include four (4) of the following case study choices:

  • CMS with sophisticated Versioned Linking (incremental design and development)
  • Highly-Reliable Lead Tracking System (BPEL stack couldn’t accept HTTP POST)
  • Responsible Timing for Game Studio Dependencies (a Failure Study)
  • Ad-hoc Performance Optimization via Plugin API
  • Duplication, or More Abstraction (Clarity for Extensibility)
  • Re-Architecture, Bringing Design Back to Legacy Code (…carefully)
  • Architectural Constraints, Services Offered, Monitoring, and Mentoring
  • REST: The Web as an Evolvable Software Case Study
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