Big Data, Little Tests

This is the content for my Agile2012 presentation. (Download BigDataLittleTests-Heintz)

Slides are attached to this post, and these are the GitHub repos:

Here are the scripts that demonstrate everything:

Hadoop Sample:


git clone
cd sample-hadoop-testing.git

git checkout step1 # initial MRUnit tests
mvn test
# eclipse: show mapper
# eclipse: show reducer
# eclipse: show unit test
# eclipse: try open hadoop source…

git checkout step2 # Use Cloudera repo for sources
mvn test
# eclipse show pom
# eclipse: open hadoop source

git checkout step3 # parameterized many tests
# eclipse test

git checkout step4 # parameterized non-mr tests for speed
# eclipse test ManyWordTest

git checkout step5 # add cluster test
# eclipse show HadoopClusterBase
# eclipse test ClusterTest

git checkout step6 # add parameterized cluster test
# eclipse test MultipleClusterTest

git checkout step7 # split unit and integration tests
# eclipse show test names
# eclipse show pom failsafe
mvn test
mvn verify

Riak Sample:


git clone
cd sample-riak-testing.git

git checkout step1 # initial test, fails
mvn test
# eclipse show SmokeTest failure

git checkout step2 # add riak downloader
mvn test
# I don’t know why eclipse has maven failure…
# eclipse show riak-build.xml
# eclipse show pom.xml

git checkout step3 # add parameterized many tests
# eclipse show ManySmokeTest

ant -f riak-build.xml stop

Cassandra Sample:


git clone
cd cassandra-unit

mvn test
mvn eclipse:eclipse


4 thoughts on “Big Data, Little Tests”

    1. Thanks for attending my presentation Vinayak, I’ve fixed the download now and will email you a copy!

      What did you think of the session? What did you want more of? Less of?

  1. Hi John,
    Great Work. Really appreciate this a very useful contribution.

    Do you have any recorded material of you presentation? If yes can you please give me some download location of it.

    As I have not attended your session, so can you please help me out if possible.


    1. Hello Amar

      I do not have a recording of the session, but the git repo I listed in the blog post is actually a step-by-step walk through.

      Let me know if you have specific questions or need more support with the materials.


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