Rules for Fast Collaboration

Often we need to work together as a team and make at least some rapid progress in order to make our next decision. There are a few challenges that can really slow this down however:

  • Somebody talks way too much
  • Somebody doesn’t talk or contribute at all
  • Arguments of being “right” and convincing others
  • Problem solving starts (prematurely)

Here is a set of rules that can be called into a collaborative meeting when five or ten minutes of progress needs to occur without these delays.

Rules for Fast Collaboration

1) Take turns

Round-robin works well, just make it clear and fair.

2) Do one thing

Add a post-it, draw a line, move a card, remove something, or maybe reorganize a few together. Pick one of those and then be done.

3) Explain your action

“I <something> because <thinking>“. Don’t argue or convince, just explain.

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